About Imprint Tech


Imprint tech is an emerging technology solutions provider in Jordan that was founded by a team of experts with over 30 years of collective experience in software development, sales, and education. The team is certified from both Microsoft (MCP) and Oracle (OCP), and has a long, hands-on experience in ERP systems and professional web development.


Products and Solutions

Since its establishment, Imprint has two main departments; Software Development, and specialized IT Training. The Software Development department was established to provide a state-of-the-art enterprise and web solutions, built for ultimate performance, and designed for ease of usability.

The company has developed a number of products from within the international standards, and sought to contract with a number of IT companies in the Arab world to offer customers integrated solutions and services, and in order to offer the best service wherever you are in the Arab world.

Our products include:

  • Imprint Web: Content Management System (CMS)
    • ImprintTech Offers you web development service using ImprintWeb content management system (CMS) which you can manage your site's content without the need to return to the company designed the site, also ImprintWeb gives a high degree of performance and security.
    • ImprintTech contracted with company MNTech design to provide customers with the best designs for their websites; while MNTech's company has experience and skill to design websites with the latest technology for designing Web sites.
  • Imprint Documents: Documents Management System (DMS)
    • The system has the following sections (Electronic archiving system, Workflow management system and Electronic Forms)
    • Electronic Archiving system is a system that collects archiving functionality in an easy and integrated allocation commensurate with the activities of any institution which leads to the formation of archives a strong and reliable solves all problems Archive manual.
    • Workflow Management System: is the system that defines, manages, and executes "workflows" through the implementation of programs that are implemented in order to lead and represent the workflow logic.
    • Imprint Documents system has been developed to be one of the most systems in its field flexible and dynamically, allowing the system administrator to create electronic forms and structural (from companies, branches and sections) and documents' fields and approvals path easy and dynamic.
  • Imprint Stocks:
    • The system manages the goods in the stores where it controls the quantities of goods in the stores through the buying and selling.
    • The system manages all the company's revenues from sales and services and expense management, purchases and expenses issue bonds arrested and exchange.
    • The system gives a set of reports (such as inventory, budget, expenses, sales, customer report, reports of external descent, etc.)
  • AYZ Point-Of-Sale:
    • The contract between the Imprint Company (Jordan) and Cipher Tech (Saudi Arabia) for marketing AYZ POS system, as this system is applied in Saudi Arabia in the largest hyper markets such as Panda and Al-Othaim.
    • "AYZ POS" allow business owners and shops owners to get an inventory management materials in a flexible and easy way
    • The processing of the serial numbers of the material from one of the features of the program, where allowed to enter the serial numbers of the materials invoice manually (if a small amount), or the program automatic created (if the quantity is large).
  • Maritime Shipping System:
  • Our maritime shipping software suite supports our customers in managing all processes of their ship management and ship operation activities.
  • The software is based on the four main programs Documentation (Inbound, Outbound), Operations, Finance and Marketing.
  • Each of the programs consists of several Sub-modules, which can be either used in a stand-alone environment or in combination with the other software modules and programs.
  • Under Development:
    • Imprint Enterprise (ERP)
    • Imprint HR (Human Resources Management)

Along to a custom solutions service that can provide a tailored business and web solution to clients’ specific needs.